Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Happy Ending!

The FedEx shipment arrived at my apartment complex yesterday, but I still had one more test to pass before I could claim victory. My complex office is notorious for changing posted hours to whatever suits their fancy, and though a sign clearly states "open M-F 9am - 5:30pm" they were closed at 4:45pm yesterday.

So after one last iPhone-less night, I was able to pick up my package this morning at 9am. (The maintenance guy had to let me in because the office was once again closed during posted open hours.) Lo and behold, inside the package was a plastic big identical to the one I received from DHL days earlier. But inside this one was a box. And inside that box was an iPhone, looking new and shiny despite its refurbished condition.

I drove into the office, loaded the 2.0 firmware onto the device, and after a bit of wrangling with provisioning profiles and certificates, got our application running on the phone. Thank God the nightmare is over. Maybe now I can, you know, actually do my job.

Thanks to all who have followed along and offered your support. Unless something spectacular happens, this will be the last post of this short-lived blog. It has served its purpose.


Aaron said...

Congratulations on battling against an incompetent corporation.

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Anonymous said...

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